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Sinigle-latch fingerprint lock 6600-97A1FS

Your Price: $375.00
Imagine securing your home or office with the latest in technology and at the same time eliminating the headache of mutual or lost keys. Now you can with this new Biometric Door Lock. This fingerprint door lock uses biometrics in order to identify and authorize registered fingerprints. With a maximum of 150 fingerprints, this Fingerprint Recognition Door lock system is excellent for the home or office. Outstanding for meeting rooms, storage areas or anywhere it's impractical to distribute keys to everyone requiring access. The lock eliminates the problem of unauthorized keys being cut at the local hardware store. Restrict access to different areas of your business or home. Have peace of mind knowing guests or service providers aren't cutting copies of your key. This great lock is made of pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure for durability. In the event of an emergency, the lock may be opened by mechanical key.

These locks are battery powered

• Pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure
• 3 ways to unlock: Fingerprint, PIN and Mechanical Key
• Embedded Infrared Detector will detect the finger automatically
• Fingerprint capacity: 150 Fingerprints max
• Each fingerprint has its number, from 00 to 149
• Master fingerprint/code is authorized to add or erase single fingerprint
• Module type structure, only one wire to connect, easy installation and battery changing
• Low voltage alert
• With the sensor light and buzzer sounds indicators.

Authentication speed <1 second
FAR (False acceptance rate) <0.0001%
FRR (False rejection rate) <1%
Operating voltage 4 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life Approx 12 Months
Operating current =540mA
Sensor Surface Optical glass with PVD coated
Temperature for storage -10C-50C
Fingerprint capacity 150
Fingerprint scanning Twice to get from one fingerprint template
Dynamic current 100mA ~ 220mA
Finish: Stainless Steel
Item Number: 632687075011